21 New Emoticons Are Being Developed By WhatsApp : Know More


21 new emoticons are being developed by WhatsApp : know more


WhatsApp has recently announced that they are working on 21 new emojis. These will include a range of faces, body parts, animals, food, and other objects. For example, users will be able to express themselves with a smiling face with a single eyebrow raised, a face with a spiral for a mouth, and a face with a monocle.


21 New Emoticons Are Being Developed By WhatsApp
WhatsApp – Photo by
Domingo Alvarez E / unsplash.com


Additionally, there will be a range of body parts such as a heart with bandages, a hand with a Victory sign, and a foot. There will also be animals including a beaver, a polar bear, a rhinoceros, and a dodo. Finally, there will be food items such as a coconut, a lollipop, tamale, and a blueberry. 


WhatsApp is working on new emojis designed to better represent the diversity of its users. The 21 new emojis will be available on both Android and iOS platforms. The new emojis will include a range of skin tones, gender inclusivity, and different family structures. In addition, the new emojis will also feature a range of professions, animals, and activities that better reflect the world we live in.


The redesigned emojis are a part of the latest version of WhatsApp and include a heart, a sad face, an angry face, a laughing face, a smiling face with sunglasses. The thumbs-up emoji also has a more detailed appearance. All of the emojis have updated outlines and shading, which makes them look more three-dimensional. The new emojis are available to all users running the latest version of WhatsApp.


They are available in the beta version of the WhatsApp app and will soon become available to all users. The new emojis are part of WhatsApp’s efforts to provide users with a more diverse set of emojis to express themselves.