Amazon Has Stopped Taking Order From its App For Kindle Book


Amazon Has Stopped Taking Order From its App For Kindle Book


Nowadays, it is quite difficult to get Kindle book from Amazon. During the initial days, Amazon used to allow and give users the access to buy Kindle books from the android Amazon app but now this right has been taken away from the user. Now you all must be thinking that iOS users can easily order Kindle book from their phone but it is not true as Amazon has never given them this right to iOS users to buy from the beginning.


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Now if you all want to buy a Kindle book from the Amazon app you will see a screen popping up, explaining the reason behind it. Even if you try to buy from an iOS platform, you will see the same message popping up on the screen telling the actual reason behind it.

Reason behind such problems is that Google has set some billing rules and if other apps will not follow Google’s rule. Then from 1st June 2022, Google will start removing those apps from PlayStore and that is the reason why Amazon has stopped taking orders from their app for Kindle book.


Where you can buy Amazon Kindle book?

If you want to buy a Kindle book, you can simply go to the Amazon website from your laptop or PC and order from there.