AMD vs Intel and Intel vs Ryzen : Which is best for you in 2022 ?

Are you thinking of getting a new computer but you are not sure which processor to get for your new computer or laptop?

If you do not understand that you take Intel’s Processor then AMD’s Processor, in simple words AMD vs Intel Processor.

So this post is for you only, in this post we are going to tell you about Intel vs Ryzen and AMD vs Intel.

In today’s post, we are going to compare AMD and Intel processors. Let’s talk about the price of both of them as well as their power consumption.

We will tell you in this post which processors will be right for you for gaming. With this, we will tell you which processor is right for heavy work or for multitasking.

To know the complete information, you must read this post carefully from beginning to end, so let’s start AMD vs Intel which is best?

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History: AMD vs Intel

Let us first talk about the history of both these processors. So let us tell you that Intel’s processor has been very premium since the beginning and Intel charges a lot of money for each of its processors.

In simple words, it is sitting in the mind of all of us that Intel’s processor is premium and it costs more money.

The processor of the same AMD is not like this, we know that the processor of AMD is very cheap. We also know that AMD’s processors don’t run fast enough, this is because from 2010 to 2017 Intel had a lot of new processors that didn’t have many technology upgrades.

Between 2010 and 2017, AMD’s processors came, but there were not many new features available in it.

So it started sitting in the mind of the users that AMD’s processor runs only on old technology, new technology is not upgraded.

But Intel’s processor is always on new technology. If you look at the history, in AMD vs Intel processor, the Intel processor is much better.

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But one more thing that you should know is that since 2017 the AMD processor has made a lot of changes and in today’s time it brings a lot of new features from Intel processors.

Let us tell you that more than Intel processors, it keeps on bringing AMD processor updates.

Budget: AMD vs Intel

Let us now know which of these AMD vs Intel / Intel vs Ryzen is better in terms of budget. Talking about money, if your budget is less and you want to get a cheap computer or laptop, then the AMD processor will prove to be quite right.

Because Intel processors will not be available at such a cheap price. Let us tell you about the price, if your budget is less than $300, then you should take the AMD processors only.

Let us tell you that if you want to take full CPU in $300 then.

If you just want to take a $300 or $400 processor, then you should take an Intel processor because at this price you will not see much difference between an AMD processor and an Intel processor.

Let us tell you that you may get to see a little difference, but if you see this slight difference, then you will not be able to get the computer you want.

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On the other hand, if your budget is very high and you want to take any processor with a high budget and you want to play games then you can take any processor from Intel vs Ryzen.

One thing to be said for a hundred things, if your budget is less than you can take an AMD processor.

On the other hand, if your budget is high, then you can take any one of these AMD processors and Intel processors.

If your budget is in the middle, then you should think about taking Intel’s processors.

Power: AMD vs Intel

Now let’s talk about some power, which processor consumes how much power. Power consumption depends on laptops and computers.

If you take a laptop and you take with it a processor that consumes more power than you can, then you may have to charge the laptop most of the time.

Let us tell you that AMD processors consume more power than Intel processors. If you are thinking of getting a laptop and if you go for this Ryzen process then your battery can drain very fast.

Due to this, you will have to charge your laptop for a long time. If you do any such work which is heavier, then you will have to work by putting the laptop in charge, but despite being low cost, its performance is high.

If you are thinking of getting a computer, then you can take this AMD processor so that you can easily do heavy load work on the computer.

Apart from this, you will not have to think much about the battery in the computer. In terms of power, Intel is better than Intel vs Ryzen because Intel consumes less power.

Performance: AMD vs Intel

Let us now also talk about the performance of these two processors, then let us tell you that the AMD processor is much better in performance.

If you take a processor in the middle range or low price, then an AMD processor can prove to be quite right for you.

One thing is seen in the processor is how much work that processor can do simultaneously.

So let us tell you that the AMD processor is the best for doing more work simultaneously.

On the other hand, if you just want to play heavy games, then you can take Intel’s processor. Intel vs Ryzen Which is Best

So let us now know which one is better in this Intel vs Ryzen. We will understand this one by one.

Gaming: Intel vs Ryzen

Let us first know from the perspective of gaming, which of these two processors Intel vs Ryzen will prove to be good.

So let us tell you that if you have to play a very heavy game, along with this you have to record the video of the game and you also need good graphics. So you take Intel processors only.

With Intel’s processor, you can play the game very well and you will not have any kind of problem in the game.

Intel processors will not allow your game to stop, you can play the game without interruption. Along with this, your game will load much faster with Intel processors.

On the other hand, if you are looking for processors in the middle range, then you should take Ryzen.

These processors will let you play the game very easily and you will get it at a low price.

So now let’s talk about which one is better between these two processors from the point of view of gaming, then an Intel is better in Intel vs Ryzen.

Multitasking: Intel vs Ryzen

If you want to use a processor so that you can do many things at once, that is, you can do multitasking, then let us tell you which processor will be right for multitasking.

So let us tell you that for multitasking, both the processors are quite right in themselves.

But the best processor for multitasking is Ryzen. In this processor, you get such quality, with the help of which you can easily run more than one software at a time.

Your computer or laptop will not even hang. One thing has to be noted that there should also be software that is comfortable for multitasking.

If there is software that is not comfortable for multitasking, then you may be in trouble.

So from the point of view of multitasking, Ryzen is much better than Intel vs Ryzen. With its help, multitasking can be done easily.

Clock speed: Intel vs Ryzen

Now let’s also compare from the point of view of clock speed, which processor is better. So let us tell you that clock speed is a very important thing for the processor.

Good and bad are determined by knowing the clock speed of any processor.

So let us tell you that if you want to get good clock speed then you can take Intel processors. You will get good clock speed in these processors.

You will not get the same clock speed as Intel processors in Ryzen. In view of the Clock speed of Intel vs Ryzen, Intel is better.

Optimization: Intel vs Ryzen

Let us now also see as an optimization, which processor is better out of both this Intel vs Ryzen. So let us tell you that the Intel company also optimizes its processor a lot.

So that the user can get a high-speed experience, but it has been seen many times that Ryzen is more optimized than this Intel processor.

If you want a more premium processor, then you should consider going with Ryzen.

On the other hand, if you take Intel processors, then it will not get much optimized and due to not being optimized much, you cannot do much work with that processor.

Unlocking: Intel vs Ryzen

Let’s now have one more thing which is very important for any processor. With the help of this, we can say better between Intel vs Ryzen, that is unlocking.

If you want to take such a processor, in which you get the option of unlocking and can use that processor more than the capacity of that company, then Ryzen will be good for you.

Let us tell you that even in Intel you get the option of unlocking, but not as much as it is available in Ryzen.

There will also be many of you who do not know about this unlocking, so let us tell you that the company locks its processor up to a limit.

If the processor has to use more than that limit, then you have to unlock it. After unlocking, the processor can be used more than the working capacity set by the company.

As companies give by locking the speed of the vehicle in the vehicle and after unlocking the speed, the speed of the vehicle can be increased, in the same way, it happens with the processor.

How to know in any processor that this processor can be unlocked, this question must have been coming to your mind for a long time. So let us tell you that if any processor has K written in the last, then that processor can be easily unlocked.

In the comparison to unlocking in Intel vs Ryzen, then Ryzen is better.

Threading: Intel vs Ryzen

First of all, let us tell you what this thread is about. Suppose your processor has one core and four threads, then you can do four things at a time.

On the other hand, if your processor has 1 threading and 4 core then you will be able to do the same thing. So now you have understood what is threading and what is the importance of threading.

So let’s now compare these two Intel vs Ryzen according to this.

Let us tell you that many times more threads are found in this Ryzen than the number of threads found in Intel processors.

For example, if you look at Intel i3 then you get only four cores and four threads in it. Whereas in this Ryzen 3 CPU you get 6 cores and 12 threads. So now you must have understood how better Ryzen is in this thread.

Meaning in simple words, if you take this Ryzen, then you can do a lot of work in it at one time.


So friends, in today’s post, we gave you detailed information about AMD vs Intel processor and Intel vs Ryzen processor. We have seen differences on many grounds as to which one is good for what.

Now you understand which processor would be right for you to take. If you are going to take a processor for less money or within more budget.

Whether you are going to take a processor for less work, or for more work. You are going to take a processor to play this game.

You must have understood which processor would be right for you. Thank you for reading this post carefully.

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