Apple AirPods To Introduce New Hearing Health Feature – Know More

Apple AirPods To Introduce New Hearing Health Feature
Apple AirPods To Introduce New Hearing Health Feature - Photo by Apple

Apple AirPods To Introduce New Hearing Health Feature


The tech giant Apple is on the journey of making its devices more compatible and beneficial for health enthusiasts. Now, they are on the road of adding a new and noticeable health feature in their famous AirPods line of completely wireless earbuds. It is expected that the upcoming earbuds will come with health features which will be based on the hearing ability.


The information about this new feature came from Mark Gurman who works at Bloomberg. He said that the new features are not far away which suggests that in the upcoming wireless earphones may come with such sensors in approximately one or 2 years. In his new blog, Gurman states that this tech giant is planning to improve their AirPods which are now going to offer the new health feature in the upcoming one or two years. 


For the information of the users who doesn’t know the fact that the Apple Company has already made an attempt to add some hearing related features like Live Listen and Conversation Boost and now they are planning to add this kind of feature to their upcoming AirPods which enables the user to listen and understand the hearing frequency to some extent.


In the past one blog was published which states that the AirPods are actually pocket friendly and a better option instead of some hearing aids. In his report Gurman also mentions that the FDA hasn’t given their consent for such kinds of features. 


Saying it in another way, this kind of AirPods has to travel a long journey to substitute the hearing aids. From this, it can be understood that the Apple Company is on the journey of adding health features in their AirPods which includes motion sensor, temperature sensor, heart rate tracker, perspiration, biometric sensor and much more.


It can be expected that we can get these features in AirPods around the second half of 2024 or early in 2025.