Apple’s Latest Release: Apple Foldable iPad in 2024 and in-house modem in 2025


Apple’s Latest Release: Apple Foldable iPad in 2024 and in-house modem in 2025

Apple always launches devices that nobody thinks of. There are two latest additions to the list – a Apple foldable iPad and an in-house 5G modem.

Apple Foldable iPad

Apple Foldable iPad
Apple Foldable iPad (For Representational Purpose) – Photo by Leon Seibert

According to the annual prediction report of CCS insight, it is said that Apple might release a foldable iPad by 2024. This will be the company’s powerful move against its competitors and will give an edge to its devices.

Although according to the report, Apple’s idea of a Apple foldable iPad could be a risky move. It can end the conventional sales of an iPhone. The report further states that the iPad will have to be priced at least $2,500.

According to Ben Wood, the CCS chief; Apple doesn’t want to face any technical difficulties by releasing a foldable iPhone and thus might focus on foldable tablets.

A famous Apple analyst and insider Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple might also launch a foldable iPhone by 2024. This will lead to the release of two foldable Apple devices in the same year.



Apple in-house 5G Modem

In 2019, Apple acquired the modem business of Intel. Since then, the company is focusing on the development of its in-house modem. According to the reports of CCS, Apple will release a 5G in-house modem by 2025. This will certainly be a powerful move by the company.

Currently, Apple is relying on the 5G modem of Qualcomm. Now Apple wants to integrate its in-house modem within every A-series chipset. This will provide a single-chip solution for every Apple device.

Apple has never failed to surprise us and has been releasing unbeatable devices for its loyal consumer base. It is yet to find out if these new 5G modems and foldable iPads will shake the industry. To know more about the latest Apple releases, keep watching this space!