Apple iPhone 15 Pro Price Increased – Know More

iPhone 15
iPhone 15 - Photo by Ian Zelbo/MacRumors

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Price Increased


Apple, which is a tech giant and the maker of smartphones situated in California, has already been on the way of releasing the iPhone 15 series during the upcoming months but some information was leaked regarding the same.


As per the leaked information the manufacturer company is going to add several new dimensions in the pro versions while in the camera, design and performance area, they are going to add the vanilla trim which results in the high cost of these in comparison to their ancestors. 


The statement given by Jeff Pu, who is a tech Analyst states that the company is on the way to modify the camera, design and performance areas in their upcoming series which causes a high increase in the prices of these iPhone in this year. 


Apart from this, the statement from rumour mill also hinted that the smartphones are also going to have a periscope lens which will improve the magnification of the camera while clicking the picture and a solid-state switch will also be there. Instead of these, the pro version of the iPhone will also come with Titanium slides, Apple’s A17 bionic CPU and more RAM. 


There is one more reason behind the increment in the price is that the company has released 2 series one after another without any kind of increase in price. 


The previous reports suggest that the iPhone 15 series will come with the new features and the vanilla trim and pro version will come with the increased price. For the information of those who don’t know, the company has launched the iPhone 14 Pro Max at a cost of Rs. 1, 39,900, and if these leaks are right, then the upcoming high end phones will come at a cost of more than this. 


The reports suggested that the company might launch the iPhone 15 Ultra with flagship features and leave the Pro Max trim in their new phones.