Apple Siri To Get ChatGPT Like Features – Know More

Apple Siri
Apple Siri - Photo by Apple

Apple Siri To Get ChatGPT Like Features


The introduction of Siri took place in 2011 with the release of iPhone 4S by the Apple Company. Siri is a personal virtual assistant which helps in operating the phone via voice command. From 2011 to till now, Siri has been coming to each and every product of Apple Company like Watch, TV, iPad, Mac and iPhones. 


As per the report from 9to5Mac, when we talk about the personal AI, very specifically generative AI which allows the user to do their work instantly and easily, the ChatGPT which is by Open AI is on the top. The introduction of this also made the big tech giants Google and Apple to think about their AI services and try to modify them according to the need and time.


Because of such competition, Apple is improving their Siri by adding the feature to generate language in a natural way. 


The AI service which has the ability to generate the language in a natural way enables it to make such content which seems like the original developed by the human itself. Right now, it is hinted that the Company is at a stage of testing this new and improved Siri on Apple TVs which runs on tvOS 16.4 beta and is capable of developing the jokes only.


It is hinted that in the upcoming generations of Macs, iPhones and Macs, we would get these improved Siri but the abilities of Siri will be restricted as per the type of device. 


The modified and improved Siri will be able to generate such content which looks like the human made one while the content made by the ChatGPT or GPT-4 will be textual only. It might also happen that the Company will restrict the ability of Siri and it will not work like the Open AI’s GPT-4. 


Till now, there is no such information from the Company about the release of this feature but it is expected that the Company will display this feature during the developer’s conference WWDC 2023.