Apple to detect pregnancy before the clinical trial?


You can now get the Apple Watch series 8 and SE at ₹45,900 and ₹29,900 respectively with a Cashback of ₹3,000 and ₹2,000 from HDFC bank. 


Apple watch
Apple watch – Photo by Apple

We all love Apple-with its extensive range in high-tech devices, and Apple products are always highly possessed. It is reported that an Apple Watch was able to detect a woman‘s pregnancy before she ran a clinical test. 


The 34-year-old woman shared on Reddit about the watch that indicated her average resting heart rate had increased suddenly. The Apple Watch detected that something was off and it was showing on an alert for 15 days. The watch knew the lady was pregnant. 


Incredible! Isn’t it? Apple Watch series 8 has been released in India with the best class health features that include innovative temperature sensor and advanced women‘s health and crash detection for severe accidents. 

Apple Watch

Now your watch can detect any abnormal activity in your body and help you cope with the health changes. Just visit the hospital if you see any irregular pattern in your health! 



You can get the Apple Watch series eight from Rs.45,900 and Apple Watch SE from Rs.29,900 from Apple.