Apple Turns iPad Into a Smart Device


Apple Turns iPad Into a Smart Device

Apple Turns iPad Into a Smart Device
iPad – Photo by Roberto Nickson

Apple has always been in the race of becoming the no.1 smartphone company in the world. By releasing competitive iOS devices every year, the company has garnered not only a consumer base but a fan following. Its every device brings something different for the users, urging them to shift from Android devices to Apple smartphones.

Apple is known to use advanced technology and introduce gadgets that are unbeatable. Currently, the company is planning to turn its iPad into a combination of a smart speaker and a display system. It will deliver the performance of an Amazon Echo Show and a Facebook Portal.

Possibly released in 2023, this device will enable you to control all home devices with a single app. Moving one step ahead of its competitors, Apple’s iPad will also feature a docking station so that users can FaceTime their friends and family. It has taken inspiration from the Amazon Fire tablet where the users have to put the iPad into the charging dock to control their home devices.

This new Apple iPad will be available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch display models and both will have an integrated M2 silicon chipset for smooth performance.

Additional Devices by Apple

Apple is also working on the latest version of the HomePod that will have a multi-touch feature, an S8 chipset, and a better display. Not only that but there is news about the incoming of the combined smart speaker and Apple TV. It will have a camera as well.



Just like all the other devices released by Apple, this iPad has already increased the anticipation of consumers. If you are also waiting for the launch of the smart iPad to control your home, keep watching this space for more information. We will be back with a comprehensive specs list and price details.