Apple Watch Now Can Easily Track The Stress Level Of Users – Know More

Apple watch
Apple watch - Photo by Apple

Apple Watch Now Can Easily Track The Stress Level Of Users


The researchers from University of Waterloo, Canada have found some interesting facts about the data from the ECG sensor of the Apple Watch. They said that this data can be used to develop a more accurate stress prediction tool.


Apple watch
Apple watch – Photo by Apple


The ECG, also known as electrocardiogram, is a kind of test which is used to track the timing and potential of electric signals which makes the heartbeat. The sensor available in Apple Watch which produces such ECG reports can be used to track the stress level of the user.


As per the reports from MyHealthyApple, during this study, the participants were provided with an iPhone 7 which has iOS 15.0 and an Apple Watch Series 6 with an installed Apple Watch ECG app (WatchOS 8.3) for 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks, the participants must record the data 6 times in a day, daily with a time interval of approximately 3 hours.


Before the ECG data collections, the participants must fill the question answers survey developed by the researchers via their app present in the iPhone. Based on the survey answers, the researchers developed machine learning algorithms which help in prediction. As per the report, the models generated were high in precision. 


According to the findings, the models are quite specific in measuring the ‘no stress’ capacity but these are not able to capture the different states of the stress. But with more development and improvements, the sensor data can be used to make a better tool for the stress prediction.


This device is wearable which enables the users to capture the real time and continuous stress monitoring helping them to keep their physical and mental health in better state. 


The team also said that if this ECG sensor of the watch combined with the sleep monitoring feature and physical activity feature, then a more accurate tool will be developed to track the stress level at high end.