Apple Will Soon Introduce Fitness+ for iPhone Users


Apple Will Soon Introduce Fitness+ for iPhone Users


Don’t own an Apple watch? No worries as the company has decided to launch Fitness+ for its iPhone users now! This new feature will roll out by October 24 in 21 countries.


Apple Fitness+
Apple Fitness+ – Photo by Apple


As per the press release by Apple, now its consumers will receive a free trial of 3 months whenever they purchase a new iPhone, Apple TV, or iPad. Fitness+ will also introduce the Artist Spotlight series, a new feature that will present top artists. You can listen to Taylor Swift, perform yoga and work out, and do much more. Apart from Taylor Swift, you can also look for Meghan Trainor, Hannah Waddingham, Eileen M. Collins, and more.


Fitness+ will be available on an iOS 16 device. All an iPhone or iPad user needs to do is sign up with the app and enjoy the fitness journey.


The tech giant has said that the Fitness+ app will be available for every Apple user. You can see it in the middle tab. There would be no additional cost for any offers you receive through Mobile Health, SilverSneakers, UnitedHealthcare, and Target.


According to the Vice President of Fitness Technologies at Apple; the company wanted every Apple consumer to enjoy the benefits of Fitness+. There were special offers from the partners and that would make the fitness journey more enjoyable!



Now, as soon as the new feature comes into play, consumers would be able to enjoy more than 3,000 meditation sessions and studio workouts. All of them would be conducted by an expert team of trainers.


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