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Apple’s XR Headset Will Have A Face ID Feature To Make The Payments


Unleashing the new Apple’s XR headset- see what’s new!

Apple’s XR Headset Will Have A Face ID Feature To Make The Payments
Apple’s XR Headset – Photo by Apple

Are you an Apple freak! We bet you are especially after reading this new news about Apple‘s XR headset. As we all know the popular headset from 

Apple is already to launch, reports suggest that the device will include a Face ID feature to make the payments. You no longer have to click or touch but just look and payment will be done! 


Apple is set to give a next level experience with a mixed reality competition that will offer its iris scanning technology. The forthcoming device XR headset includes sensors just as in iPhones and iPads. 


It was only reported by Mashable and later the outlet reported that Iris ID is indeed true. The Iris feature will help users to log into their Apple accounts and access payment permissions biometrically. It might also feature the M2 chip and 10 cameras. We can only guess about the features! 


Apple’s XR headset is a high-end VR set that will unravel at meta connect 2022. Hybrid work in virtual collaboration is what businesses are aiming for, Apple has to compete! 



Here we are talking about the quest pro that is priced at $1500. The headset is all ready to come with advanced eye tracking technology. Users will have a virtual and realistic experience. You can superimpose the virtual features in the real world settings-enters the meta world. 


A full colour pass technology that can superimpose virtual features on the physical world is what this new product is all about. If you’re wondering about the price, it is available around $2000-$3000. At this price and features, it is the best deal available. 


Meanwhile we cannot wait for her favourite Apple to launch its new product. With so many launches, we can only say that Metaverse is the next technology in the coming century.