Avoid banning your WhatsApp account with these new protocols!


Avoid banning your WhatsApp account with these new protocols!

Avoid banning your WhatsApp account with these new protocols!
WhatsApp – Photo by Pixabay

If you are one of those who got their WhatsApp banned from the platform, you are not alone. Recently WhatsApp has shared some of the protocols for all the platform users so that it can prevent their account from getting banned.


A safety report was conducted by WhatsApp, it is one of the monthly reports that WhatsApp conduct every month that suggests that over 2.3 million Indian accounts were banned in August 2022. Surprised? We all are.


We all know that WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms. On Monday it announced a series of protocols to prevent account banning. It happens when the user spam is the other user’s account. If a relative or family friend shares a lot of good morning messages, they are already risking their account from getting banned.


Some of the protocols that WhatsApp is now following or as follows-


  • You have to make sure to not forward a message too many times. We already know the limit of forwarding a message as it creates a label on all the forwarded ones. It is done for users to reconsider before sharing. If you spam the contacts with forwarding without looking at the content it can result in account banning.


  • Also make sure that you do not overuse the broadcast list. It might get reported multiple times. One also should avoid Bulk Messages.


  • Do not over use WhatsApp and ask for permission before adding them in the group. As many people live, it might result in an account band. Always make sure to communicate with your known contacts and do not violate any terms of services of the application. 


These are some of the decent things you can follow to make WhatsApp a safe and secure platform.