Beta Business Users To Enjoy Paid WhatsApp


New news alert! WhatsApp is already giving some cutting-edge benefits to its paid subscribers. The beta for business users is one of the premium subscriptions provided by what’s up that provides multiple benefits. 

Beta Business Users
Beta Business Users – photo by whatsapp

The premium subscription of ‎WhatsApp can give a customisable contact link that can be changed in every three months for the beta users that use WhatsApp for business. Although it is not officially launched but is available for the beta users. We have heard the stories of WhatsApp premium and how it can be beneficial in the future.


The beta program members will be able to go through the premium menu and enjoy the extra topping on the application. The users will be able to customise their contact link that can be changed every three months.

Beta Business Users

The WhatsApp premium subscription is an easy way to increase your online business, specially for those who are running businesses and, buying and selling via WhatsApp. The customers will easily get contacted with the business owners. 


You will be able to find a certain business by just typing the phone number just like telegram. A direct contact link will be provided for the beta users who have a premium subscription. 



The paid subscription will allow one to 10 devices to operate the same WhatsApp account and manage the business. You will be able to make more than 32 people video calls. Although the function is still in beta and WhatsApp has not announced anything officially, we are still not sure about the prices of premium subscriptions.


The owner, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that whatsapp will now provide call links to share with friends and families. Similar to Google meet and other platforms, now you can WhatsApp meet!