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ColorOS 13 Beta Soon In One Plus 8, 8T, 8 Pro, 9R, 9RT


The colorOS 13 Beta will get updated on the OnePlus models- 8, 8pro, 8T, 9R, and 9RT on October 10.

Android 13 list by OnePlus China is updated, and will run through the latest versions of ColorOS or COS 13. Oppo showcased the latest android version in August and now it’s been rolling out beta versions of Android 13.

ColorOS 13 Beta Soon In One Plus 8, 8T, 8 Pro, 9R, 9RT
One Plus 8, 8T, 8 Pro, 9R, 9RT- Provide By One Plus

OnePlus announced that the One Plus 8, 8 pro, 8T, 9R, and 9RT will get ColorOS 13 Beta update in China. It will be effective from October 10, and will reveal the updated plan for Oppo and OnePlus smartphones

Just to clarify the facts, OnePlus mobile phones run on Oppo’s ColorOS in China and global versions with the OxygenOS. They both are the same but the former offers better user experience. 

ColorOS 13 not only has more features but offers unique updates and upgrades. You can get the Aqua-Morphic design with the latest Google features. Some of the exclusive features also include shadow- reflective clock widget, IoT device control, media playback controls, multitasking improvement, meeting assistant, etc to name a few. 


Apart from these features, the ColorOS 13 also supports large folders, Home Screen widgets, and global search banners. You can also comfortably control apps and access additional information with its AOD feature. The Always-on Display works without unlocking the phone.