Discord Bot Launching On Netflix For Movie Streaming


Discord Bot launching on Netflix for movie streaming


Are you a fan of Netflix? Who isn’t! We have got your back with the latest update on the most trending entertainment channel! Now it’s time for the big reveal on Discord Bot!


Discord Bot Launching On Netflix For Movie Streaming
Netflix – Photo by Thibault Penin


If you’re a discord user, you can now stream the movies directly on the famous entertainment platform, Netflix. It is with the help of a new bot- the feature was launched by Netflix and is set to be beneficial for both the parties. The Netflix geekhead reported the same on Twitter. 


The famous social media channel, Twitter, had its first  announcement made from Netflix about the Discord Bot and how it’s going to operate on the same. A tutorial was realised where users can foresee the same.


But what is special about the discord bot on Netflix?


It allows you so much in small time- from a suggested thread for discussions (that are spoiler free) to other reviews from the parties.



For those of you who do not know about Discord, it is one of the most famous communication platforms. It has many bots operating around the world. Here the users have a myriad of access to the functions where they share videos, music onto other streams in groups and other conference meetings. 


So what is your favourite movie? Be it any it can be open to discussion on the Discord Bot for Netflix. People love to interact digitally, at least that’s what we say during the 2020 lockdown. Now, it’s time to share your views (obviously without the spoilers) and interact with the audience who have the same genre interest as you. 


Communicate, socialise and make friends- this Bot allows all the features. You can watch a movie alone or in a Group, and interact while still on. If you are interested for the same just login your Netflix and type Discord Bot with a slash on the website link.