Elon Musk Fires CEO Parag Agrawal as the First Takeover Action in Twitter


Elon Musk Fires CEO Parag Agrawal as the First Takeover Action!

Elon Musk finally officiated his acquisition of the most influential social media platform Twitter. As the deal was finalised, the first step that the businessman took was to fire the existing Twitter CEO – Parag Agrawal. Along with him, he also said goodbye to the Chief Finance Officer Ned Sehgal and Policy Chief Vijaya Gadde.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk – Dimitrios Kambouris (Getty Images)

It can be seen that Mr. Parag’s position as a CEO was short-lived. He stepped up to the position last year in November and within a year, he was fired. His did not come as shock, seeing that the ex-CEO and Elon Musk weren’t on good terms for quite some time.


Earlier, when the deal news started circulating around April, both were excited to come into a collaboration. But when Elon started suggesting the kind of changes he is looking forward to, they did not sit well with Parag. In one of his tweets, he suggested that he is grateful for how Twitter is currently running and will always take measures to take it to the next level.


This clash of mindsets seems like the trigger point for Elon. As soon as he announced his acquisition news, the firing decision was also released.


If the sources are to be believed, Elon would not stop at firing the top executives, he seems to change over 75% of current employees and create an entirely new setup.



What are his final decisions? It is yet to be seen. The fate of Twitter and its employees would be written by Elon Musk.


If you are interested in learning more about what measures Elon Musk takes to change the current policies and strategies of Twitter, keep watching this space and we will let you know!