Gambling Apps Removed From Apple In The Kid’s Gaming Section 


Gambling Apps Removed From Apple In The Kid’s Gaming Section


If you have an Apple product that is used by your kids, make sure to keep a check! A lot of gaming applications were placed on the kid’s section as the advertisements. Now these gaming apps are not ordinary but related to gambling- the issue was raised to Apple, and as expected the company has removed the gambling apps recommendations from the games made for kids.

App Store Gambling
App Store – Photo by Apple


We may see a section recommending a lot of games that may or may not be related. These are ‘you may also like’ sections that have now strictly removed the gambling application recommendation temporarily. It is done exclusively on the kid’s gaming section where we do not tend to see such applications. This was officially announced by Apple in Washington on October 29.  


If you may not know, Apple introduced ad spaces on the App Store to welcome businesses who wish to promote their apps. The most ironic part of this was when the application (made to combat the gambling addiction) known as RecoverMe recommended the gambling application Jackpot World appeared. 


This was reported by a social media user on the famous social media platform Twitter. The New York Post made sure it reached Apple, and later many users commented about such incidents. It was only when we got to know the kid’s friendly section has the gambling application recommendations as well.


Apple took the issue seriously as expected and removed the required thing. Their new operation of promoting the ad space is still in work and is expected to run a new run-through before it appears again. 



Thanks to social media platforms, people can freely report such issues and help others to look into the matters more seriously. Make sure to check your kid’s tablet/ phone/ laptop before you hand over one!