Google Introduces ChatGPT AI Features In Meet, Docs, Gmail, Etc. – Know More

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Google Introduces ChatGPT AI Features In Meet, Docs, Gmail, Etc.


Google which is a US positioned technology company has recently declared that they are going to incorporate a new AI-supported feature in their Google Workspace which will somewhat match with the ChatGPT from the competitor company Microsoft. 


The Google Company is going to add such features in their Gmail and Google Documents which will allow the applications to develop some basic drafts on the basis of simple instructions. The venture is also on the way to add some AI based features to their corporate products like Google Cloud and a developer API. 


In the official blog from the company, it is mentioned that the Developers and Corporates can check their new APIs and services which enables the users to work with Google’s Finest AI models via Google Cloud and MakerSuite which is a new prototype environment safe, easy and scalable. Apart from this, the venture is also on the way to launch some new features in their Google Workspace which will allow the users to make most use of generative AI to create, connect and collaborate. 


Now the users can send replies, draft the content and manage their priorities in the Gmail app because of the incorporation of these new AI functions. 


In the Doc application, the user now will be able to rephrase, draft, brainstorm and proofread the content and in the slides, users can enhance their presentations and give a better impact to them with the help of the self-generated graphics, audio and videos as per the inputs. 


In the Meet app, the users will be able to use some new backgrounds and record notes while in the excel sheet, the user can analyse and generate conclusions from the raw data with the help of the AI through formula generation, auto-completion and categorisation. In Meet, the chat section will also get upgraded to make the work more user friendly. 


For the benefit of the developers, the venture is also releasing PaLM API, which is a smooth and more secure way to make the language models. This API comes incorporated with the easy application MakerSuite which enables the person to smoothly give a shape to their ideas and in the upcoming time as well the venture is planning to incorporate the tools for prompt engineering, synthetic data generation and custom model tweaking which comes with the all kinds of security features to ensure the user privacy and safety. 


For such persons who want to do something new with the AI to build their personal models and applications with the help of Google Cloud through Google’s AI models which include PaLM as well.