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Google is Here with the New ChromeOS 107 for Desktop Users


Google is Here with the New ChromeOS 107 for Desktop Users


If you are a desktop user, you aren’t unfamiliar with Google Chrome. It is the most-used browser in the entire world. Google keeps changing its algorithms for better performance and customer satisfaction. It also rolls out new versions of Chrome for convenience. Now the latest update by Google is Chrome 107. The news of Chrome 106 isn’t old and is still there in the minds of everyday Chrome users.


ChromeOS 107
ChromeOS 107 – Photo by Google


This latest ChromeOS version will bring a lot of exciting features for its users. Can’t wait to find out what features you’d be getting? Come, let’s find out!


  • Better presentations during video conferencing

If you are working from home, frequent video conferences aren’t an old concept. Google knows this and is now coming up with features to make your presentations better on the desktop. It gives better tools to the developers, including a single button through which you can select the tab to share with the team and instantly switch to it. There won’t be a need to click additional buttons now!

If you want to share multiple windows or tabs with the team, that has also been simplified with the new ChromeOS.

If you are about to accidentally share the video conferencing, a warning sign would pop up. That’s because otherwise, a mirror effect can come up.



  • Simple login

Passwords protect you from online fraud but they are hard to remember. Google is planning to come up with a solution! New ChromeOS 107 will allow you to log in with a single interface. You’d need a passkey to log in to the particular window.


  • HEVC

High Efficiency Video Coding format is one of the most popular choices among several video codecs. Google has added support for this hardware in ChromeOS 107. This will improve its everyday performance.