Google To Give Cloud Storage of 1TB To Everyone For Free? : Check Out Your Eligibility


Google Bumps Up Cloud Storage for These People: Check Out Your Eligibility


Were you receiving 15GB storage space until now? You might be on the list of those whose cloud storage has jumped to 1TB. Google has rolled out this new feature for those who own a Workspace account. Officially called the G Suite, Google is providing several benefits, including email personalisation and regional availability for people worldwide.


Google Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Storage – Photo by Google


Talking about the increased cloud storage space, you’d now get a huge space to store all the documents on the same platform for quick sharing. Once the company rolls out this new feature, the added space would be automatically visible. This added advantage is only for Workspace individuals so if you are operating a private account, you won’t see these new changes.


Google has informed this new addition in one of its blog posts. Under that, the company has mentioned that the individual can store more than 100 files in the drive, including photos, CAD, and PDFs. You’d also be able to edit several MS Office documents without converting them into another type.


This will save a lot of time for you. Google has also informed the public that now the Drive has several layers of protection against ransomware, malware, and spam. Your official or personal data would not be exposed.


Another added feature Google is bringing is that you can add mail merge tags if you are sending the same mail to several people. For example, @username. This will send the mail uniquely to everyone and they won’t know that you have sent the same mail to others.



Google always brings the best updates for its users. If you want to learn more about which new changes Google is bringing to the internet world, keep checking this space!