Google’s Magic Eraser Now To Be Available On More Android-iOS Users

Google Magic Eraser
Google Magic Eraser - Photo by Google

Google’s Magic Eraser Now To Be Available On More Android-iOS Users


There is a tool by Google known as Magic Eraser that always attracts me towards it. Now the easiest way of removing anything from the picture which is not required is now not limited to pixels only. Now this tool is making its way towards the mass audience as per the reports from the titan of technology. So, if you are an iOS user, then don’t worry, it is available for you as well. 


Magic Eraser Available To All


This magic eraser is based on Tensor AI and now available for both Android and iOS users via Google Photos. But there is one prerequisite to use this tool is that a user has to be a subscriber of Google One. But yes, the owners of the Pixel phones don’t need to meet this criteria. 


This tool was introduced first time with the launch of Pixel 6 smartphone series in which with the integration of AI, the detection and clearance of power lines, people and more takes place. 


For those who don’t know, Google One’s working strategy is similar to iCloud when it comes to providing access to their cloud storage. The company provides 15GB of free storage to all its users but after this, if they want more storage then they have to purchase it. There are 3 plans available, one is a basic plan, costing 130Rs. per month of 100GB, Standard plan, costing 210Rs. per month for 200GB and Premium plan, costing 650 Rs. per month for 2TB. 


Apart from the extra storage, Google One also offers some other tools for the editing purpose for Google Photos, Google Play Awards and benefits etc. 


For the maintenance of the synchronisation of the backgrounds, light, image brightness and contrast, the HDR effect will be used. It is also said that more styles and editing features will be made available for the collage editor with an ability to apply them in a single image. Those who will place a print order will waive off on shipping cost.


Right now, this thing is going to be available in the United States, UK, European Union and Canada. 


These new features are going to be made available for the users and if a user needs Magic Eraser but lacks storage then they can opt for the additional storage by purchasing a plan according to their need.