Here’s why twitter doesn’t want users to share screenshots


Did you hear that Twitter is reportedly not allowing users to take screenshots from their Twitter accounts? Yes, you heard it right! Let’s explore why.


One of the most popular microblogging platforms, Twitter is asking users to not take screenshots of the tweets but share the link on their respective portals. 


It was only when the security researcher and reverse engineering expert Jane Wong shared that Twitter is prompted to share a tweet instead of taking a screenshot of any tweet. The notification was as follows-copy link and shared tweet.


She shares the exact weight of how Twitter is trying to persuade her to take an option of shit waiting and copy the link instead of the screenshot.


We can only guess that Twitter did that to improve and increase the engagement and bring more users to the platform. It is a new feature that can help users to visit Twitter. 



Later, Twitter officially confirmed to The Verge that it is a test given to a small group of iOS users and the pop-up will be a part of the update that is trying to increase the engagement of the users. There were various states that Twitter ran in August this year for the same reason.


Recently, it has a new edit button that is only available in the selected countries that will allow you to edit the tweet after publishing. Seems like Twitter is slowly moving towards more improvement and engagement to attract users on the microblogging platform. Stay tuned for more.