Amazing Impact of Digital Marketing in 2022


Impact of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a word that everyone has heard today and everyone definitely knows something about digital marketing. In today’s time, every business shows a lot of interest in doing digital marketing. It has also been revealed in much research that digital marketing is much cheaper and better than any other marketing. In today’s post, we will not tell what is digital marketing, rather we will try to know what is the impact of digital marketing?

Do you know that the impact of digital marketing is being seen a lot in every field? If you want to know the impact of digital marketing in many fields, then this post can be very helpful for you. In this post, we will tell you the impact of digital marketing in all fields.


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Impact of Digital Marketing on Small Business

The impact of digital marketing is also transparent in small businesses. A few years ago today, it used to be a lot more difficult to find out the mobile number, address, etc. of any small business. Along with this, small businesses were not able to deliver their goods or services to the right customers and had to face a lot of trouble in gaining the trust of the customer.


Whatever marketing methods were there before digital marketing, they used to be very expensive for small businesses. But with the help of digital marketing, any small business can get good customers by marketing itself even for less money. This is the reason why even small businesses are becoming big in today’s time. The impact of digital marketing has been on small businesses in such a way that they are able to get customers from all over the world for themselves even by staying in a small place.


Impact of Digital Marketing on Customers

For any company to sell its goods or services, a very important thing is needed from its customer, that is the attention of its customer. With the advent of digital marketing, any business can easily get the attention of the customer. If we talk about how the impact of digital marketing has been on the customer, then the impact of digital marketing on the customer has been read in both good and bad ways. But the quantity of goods is more to be seen.

In any other marketing, one type of advertisement is shown to all the people whether that person wants to buy that item or not. For example, no man will ever like to buy pads for periods, but in every type of advertisement like TV ads, newspaper ads, radio ads, template ads, etc., the same type of advertisement is shown to both men and women.

Impact of Digital Marketing
Impact of Digital Marketing – Photo by Pixabay

Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behavior

From the early period of man to the twentieth century, such a change was not seen in human behavior as much as the change has been seen in the era of digital marketing. In today’s time, any company can change the customer’s behavior very easily.


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For example, some time ago most people preferred to take money in cash, the same used to be afraid to allow them to make online payments. But in today’s time, people all over India make online payments very much. The biggest reason for this is considered to be Paytm and PhonePe. These two have brought a lot of changes in consumer behavior using digital marketing.



Where once people were afraid to make an online payment, today they are making online payments without fear. Apart from this, there has been a lot of change in the behavior of the customer due to digital marketing. In today’s time, with the help of digital marketing, if any company makes itself a brand, then it also creates a business worth crores. Flipkart and Amazon have become such big companies due to digital marketing because they have changed the behavior of people by using digital marketing properly.

Impact of Digital Marketing on the Indian Economy

If the impact of digital marketing is to know about the economy of India, then you should know that the backbone of the economy of any country is the business of that country. Ever since digital marketing has come to India, there has been a lot of change in the way people do business. Where a business used to invest so much money in marketing that no one benefited from the company. The same earns a good profit by investing less money in digital marketing.


Apart from this, digital marketing has also given birth to many new businesses and has also given employment to many people. Apart from this, recently YouTube claimed that it is making a huge contribution to India’s economy. If we look at the data, then digital marketing and the digital world have a very good impact on the economy of India. Experts believe that there will be a good impact on India in the coming years as well.

Bad Impact of Digital Marketing in India

Just as digital marketing has good effects, in the same way, some bad effects of digital marketing are also seen on businesses and customers. If seen as a business, then any business which is not able to do digital marketing properly, it starts going into a loss very fast. But in today’s time, very few agencies are present in India to get digital marketing done. If a new company starts doing digital marketing properly, then the age-old company also fails.


The same digital marketing has had a bad effect on the customers in this way. In today’s time, most people have been told only one thing from digital marketing: where you get cheap goods and services, you buy goods from there. For example, Flipkart and Amazon claim to give any item at a price less than its original price. Due to this, the business remains successful. On the same day, Amazon and Flipkart stop giving goods at low prices, then people will move toward other businesses. So there is no doubt that people have reduced trust in any company.



The same other disadvantage has been caused by digital marketing on people that people also buy such goods and services which they do not need anymore. But they buy because they are shown and explained in a very attractive way in digital marketing.


So friends, in this post, we told you about the effects of digital marketing in many areas. We told you how much impact digital marketing has on any business, as well as we have given you detailed information about the impact of digital marketing on consumer behavior. We hope that you have liked our information. For more such information, share this post as much as you can. Thanks