Did your Instagram Account get suspended? Sneak peek at the Instagram bug fixes


Did your Instagram Account get suspended? Sneak peek at the Instagram bug fixes


Mysterious suspension of Instagram users’ accounts occurred, last evening both In India and several parts of the world. Users started reporting issues at around 6:30 pm.


Instagram – Photo by Getty Images


The issue that was  being reported was account suspension and server error.Indian users were mainly facing ‘login issues’, while people in most parts of the world were facing server connection errors. Many techs in India who were working on resolving the issue also claimed that despite clicking on ‘Disagree with Decisions’, they were not able to restore the Instagram accounts.


Initially, the Meta-owned company was short of any kind of clarification on the issue. Later, they confirmed that the main reason for the suspension was a bug that caused a bug. They further claimed that they have resolved the issue and also apologized for the inconvenience caused to users all over the world.


Instagram in further clarification also stated that it was in no way responsible for the suspension of accounts. It further assured the users that they have successfully restored the accounts of users.


A similar outage was faced by WhatsApp, both in India and the world over, last week. The application was inaccessible for nearly two hours. It happened due to configuration changes on the backbone routers.



In the case of Instagram , after the bug was fixed and the user accounts were restored, it was brought to the notice that the error had resulted in a change in the number of followers.


Now, if the users are still facing issues concerning access to their Instagram accounts, then they are suggested to update the application, or else they can shut down and re-install the same. It is always safer to keep applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram updated for easy accessibility.