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Know all about the Nokia G11 plus and T10 tablet- now launched in India


If you are a gadget freak but want to remain in the budget, we have two devices that will blow your mind. Yes, you hear it right! Nokia is back again with the two most affordable and best models in the market- the Nokia G11 Plus and Nokia T10. 

 Nokia G11 plus
Nokia G11 plus – Photo by Nokia

Nokia G11 plus comes with a 6.5-inch HD+ display whereas the Nokia T10 has a LTE version. Thanks to the HMD brand that launched the smartphone and the tablet respectively. If you want to explore the technology in both the variants, buy these models. They are the most budget- friendly phones and tablets in the market. 


A big screen for the Nokia G11 Plus with a refreshing rate of 90Hz is also touted for a three- day battery back-up. The Nokia T10 tablet is a new variant in India and has also LTE variant inbuilt. 


Pricing Nokia G11 and Nokia T10 (LTE)


Indian festive season sale is on giving an edge to the tech freak to enjoy the new models at a friendly price. The sale went live on October 7 with ₹12,499 with the sole 4GB RAM and the other storage option as 64GB. You can buy on other e-commerce platforms or from Nokia stores.


Nokia G11 plus

The Nokia T10 tablet with wifi was launched last month with the pricing around ₹11,799. You can get the LTE version at ₹12,799 with the storage options like 3GB plus 32 GB. The sale for the same will begin around October 15. 


Let’s wait until the release! Let us know your thoughts.