Know what’s new in Philips 2-In 1 Monitor


Philips has launched its two in one monitor with LCD an inch display. A unique and yet appealing combo is all set to surprise the tech world! 

Philips 2
Philips 2 – Photo by Philips

Phillips has launched its new monitor display in China with Ur two in one dual display monitor with a unique combination of LCD and ink display. The model number is B1D5000.


It has to screen technologies with one high-resolution quad HD 23.8 inch LCD display and the other one with a paper like E- ink display.


The product called Philips two in one monitor 24B1D5600 will reduce the interior and ecological footprint for the power users and support a height and tilt adjustment properties that can be mounted on versatile positions and customised settings.


It has a dual display of 23.8 inch Quad HD LCD display with a 99.8% sRGB colour gamut and 2560 x 1440. The secondary inch display is a 13.3 inch E-ink display with 1200 x 1600 resolution. 



Whether you are reading a text extensive document or binge watching a show, this feature will not strain your eye! 


The new model is very powerful and efficient and consumes 80% less energy than a normal display screen. It has a dual type C port that supports multidirectional charging and is equipped with a 90W high power type C port. This feature supports high data transmission. The second screen enables users to use the product with mobile phones and other smart devices. 


You can purchase the Philips 2-in one monitor 24B1D5600 in China at 5999 yuan, it will soon be available globally.