Meta Launched New Quest Pro Headset


Good News Creative enthusiasts! Meta has launched its new quest for a headset that is expected to be around Rs.1,24,000.

Quest Pro Headset
Quest Pro Headset – Photo by Meta

If your creativity is aiming for more technology then Meta is not going to disappoint you with its all new QUEST PRO. A productive, came for designers, architects and creative professionals, this device is all you need!


A virtual reality mixed device headset will be a new milestone for Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg. It is indeed a higher in market computing device that will unravel many benefits.


It was introduced at Meta’s annual connect conference that will be available from October 25. It is expected to be priced around 1500 USD. Customers will get a chance to interact with the virtual creatures in the physical world. It is one of the most important projects for Zuckerberg and is also called project Cambria. 


We cannot wait for the Metaverse to finally take over. Zuckerberg has reportedly poured billions of dollars for the Metaverse- let’s wait what it leashes! 


Meta Launched

The device Quest 2 has more rudimentary grayscale called pass through and the pro version is lighter and slimmer than the previous models. It will be able to replicate the user’s eye and facial movements and expressions. 


It is exclusively for designers, architects and other creative professionals that will offer horizon social and workspace platforms. Let’s wait until the release!