Meta Quest 3: Specifications and Design Leaked!


Meta has brought a storm into the world of augmented and virtual reality.

With new concepts and gadgets released continuously, a new one is in the lineup.
We are talking about Meta Quest 3. Yes, this is possibly a cheaper replacement to the previous Quest Pro.

Specifications Reveal : Meta Quest 3

As per the video released by the famous YouTuber Brad Lynch; you might now be accessible to the specifications of the Meta Quest 3.

In the specs file, there is talk about a new device, known as the “Project Stinson”. It is the internal code name for the Meta Quest 3 and is designed as a mixed reality device.

The device will be in the lower-end range and is introduced while keeping customers’ requirements in mind. A mix of Quest 2 and Quest Pro (yet to be launched); Quest 3 will be marketed as a cheaper option.

Meta Quest 3
Meta Quest 3 – Photo by Meta

Specifications Detail : Meta Quest 3

One of the important features that were revealed in the video was that the gadget does not have a face or eye tracking.

It will run on the Snapdragon SoC and include slim pancake lenses. The model will have two RGB cameras, two LCDs, two tracking cameras, and a depth sensor.

It will also include a pogo pin connector for quick charging, IPD adjustments, and a strap like Meta Quest 2.

The sound system of Meta Quest 3 is expected to be better than its previous model.
The model is expected to be launched in October 2023 though the exact date is still not confirmed.

Its price is left under anticipation but consumers hope that the launch price is the same as that of the Quest 2.


Rest is yet to be seen and nothing can be confirmed until the official launch.