Home Tech News Meta reported over 1 million Facebook users compromised

Meta reported over 1 million Facebook users compromised


Meta  reported various security issues with more than 400 applications that were downloaded from Apple and Google stores. Meta identified more than 400 malicious apps this year.

1 million Facebook users

Facebook, now known as Meta, reported around 1 million usernames and passwords got compromised. They have reported about the same to the respective users. 

1 million Facebook users, But why?


Meta to secure security and strengthen social networking ran a deep dig on applications and came across more than 400 malicious apps. This not only targeted android but also iOS. Stealing the login information is on a rise and these targets disguise themselves as a mobile game, health tracker, or photo editor. 


The issues have been informed to the software stores. Apple took off the 45 applications used out of the 400 whereas Google has taken off all its malicious apps.


Meta will share some tips about how to avoid falling for this malicious intent. Stay safe!