Microsoft Allow Apple User To Link Their iPhone To Windows PC/Laptop

Microsoft Allow Apple User To Link Their iPhone To Windows PC/Laptop
Microsoft Allow Apple User To Link Their iPhone To Windows PC/Laptop - Photo by Apple/Microsoft

Microsoft Allow Apple User To Link Their iPhone To Windows PC/Laptop


A new feature was put in place by the Microsoft Company for the Windows 11 which enables the iPhones users to connect their smartphones to connect with their Windows PCs and take the advantages of several features. Right now, the facility is available only under the Window Insider Program with a name of Phone Link for iPhones. 


The information shared by the Microsoft states that the user has to download a companion app which should be compatible with the iPhone and then they have to link this with their PC via Bluetooth and after the linking is established the user can check his phone system through action on their Desktop. 


The phone linking app on the PC synchronised with the message app of the mobile and now the user will be able to send and receive the messages through their PC. One thing which should be noted here, that the linking app will not allow the user to reply back in group or through media. 


Although it is not clear when this feature will be made available for all the users of Windows 11 and what kind of features it is going to provide. The venture said that they are planning to add some more features to this and it is under development. To understand it better, the example quoted is related to the transfer of media files from Android phone to PC via file explorer. 


The Phone linking feature is one of those features which was released by the Company in October 2021. With the new operating system there will be a new Microsoft store which has more new and interesting games and apps which includes Amazon App Store, support for widgets which shows personalised information, improved performance and security and much more. 


The users have to upgrade their Phone Link app to 1.23012.169.0 or higher to have access to this facility. To have access towards the Insider program, users have to register for it by following the simple steps, sign up with a Microsoft account, then choose to receive preview builds under settings, then windows update and then click on Windows insider program. It is to inform the user that there will be bugs and other issues as well with the preview which can harm their device. 


The Phone Link feature is almost like the Apple’s Continuity system which enables the users to smoothly switch between their Macs and iPhones. Through Apple’s Continuity feature, the user will be able to send SMS via apps like Safari or Notes, Phone calls, Copy and paste content, unlocking of device via Apple Watch and much more. But the Phone Link feature for iPhones doesn’t have this kind of facility till now. 


The Phone Link facility is developed to ease the work of Android and iPhone user, so that they can work across the multiple devices without the transfer of data and switching between devices. This step also the efforts of the company and their aim to make the Windows 11 compatible with all the other available devices.