Microsoft is Launching Surface Studio 2+, Surface Pro 9, and Surface Laptop 5!


Microsoft, the tech giant, has brought us a lot of good news during its recent event. One such news is the launch of not 1 but 3 amazing devices! Are you excited to check their details? Keep reading to find out more –

In the last virtual event on Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled computing devices: Surface Studio 2+, Surface Pro 9, and Surface Laptop 5. All these devices are going to introduce you to updated features.

Microsoft Laptop
Laptop – Photo by Microsoft

Let’s talk about each of these devices in brief.

Surface Studio 2+

This new Windows desktop PC is more powerful than all its predecessors. It has a 60Hz display and comes with three USB-C thunderbolt ports. The PC embeds a Microsoft Designer App and an OpenAI DALL-E 2 technology. What can this Surface Studio 2+ do? Simply type whatever you want to see and your app will give it to you.


Surface Pro 9

This laptop has 5G capability. Powered by the Microsoft SQ3 chips and an Intel 12th Gen chip. It has a webcam with a wide view and an AI microphone and camera with voice clarity, blur effects, eye correction, and more. You can get this laptop in forest and sapphire colour options.

Surface Laptop 5

Last but not the least, the company has also introduced the Surface Laptop 5 in a beautiful sage finish. It is powered by the Intel Evo 12th generation and is 50% more powerful than its predecessor. With impressive battery life and four thunderbolt ports, the device promises efficiency.

So, if you are planning to buy a new laptop, don’t forget to check out these amazing additions by Microsoft! They will take your everyday work to a new and satisfactory level.


Watch this space to get the latest updates!