Microsoft Made Easier To Switch To Default App In Windows

Windows 11 - Photo by Microsoft

Microsoft Made Easier To Switch To Default App In Windows


A complaint was raised to the Microsoft Company regarding the default application in Windows 11 and now the Company has presented a way to solve this problem by providing the easy way. 


In the blog shared by the company it is mentioned that the team is constantly working to improve their user experience in which they are now adding such system which allows the users to take control on what is pinned at their desktop, taskbar and start menu with the control and track over the default applications as well like the browser. 


This step is actually the answer to a long process of app changing. Suppose, a person is willing to set Chrome as the default browser instead of Edge, then a person has to do this from the very basics and start manually with the addition of it as default for each and every linked app. 


Although the Microsoft has provided the control on the apps at a very basic level, the process behind this is long and irritates the user who follows. 


Now the Microsoft will release a “Common supported Way” to all the application developers which allows them to make their apps pinned or default at the taskbar.


It is also stated that the Microsoft’s apps will also follow the same protocols for the pinning and default option which gives a satisfaction that while the pinning and default, the ecosystem of the apps are not preferred. 


Now, the developers will get a link which will be Setting deep link URI through which the developers can guide their users to pin the apps in default in a regular and easy way. 


The Microsoft will also release an API which will allow the applications which are downloaded from the third party will get pinned on the taskbar as primary or secondary tiles. 


These new tools are going to be incorporated into the Windows Insider Channel at first for the upcoming few months according to the Company.