Netflix New CEO Confirms NO PASSWORD SHARING In India From 2023 – Know More

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Netflix New CEO Confirms NO PASSWORD SHARING In India From 2023


Netflix is introducing a new subscription plan which supports the commercial ads to attract more users and to generate more revenue with the restriction on sharing the passwords at some places. As per the previous CEO Reed Hasting, the facility of sharing passwords will be made restricted for every user in a phased manner. 


Netflix – Photo by freestocks


The new Co-Chief Executive Officers (CEO) Greg Peters and Ted Sarandos said that this facility is going to end for all the users soon in an interview given to Bloomberg. This statement gives a hint to Indian users that they now have to pay for the use instead of relying on their friends or others Netflix account password. 


According to the report, Peter said that now the users who want to watch the content on Netflix platform must pay for the same. The company is not going to compromise with the consumer experience even after putting restrictions on password sharing. The person also admitted that after this rollout, there will be many unsatisfied consumers across the globe, but the CEO’s focus is on improving the number of subscribers by 15-20 million with targeted countries like India. Peter added further that he would love it if all the consumers would pay to watch the streaming content instead of relying on others. 


The platform is currently testing this password restriction feature in some Latin American countries with Costa Rica, Chile, Peru and some others. The platform is taking $3 (Rs 250 approx) from those users who want to use their friend’s account. The platform hasn’t disclosed the price they are going to charge from Indian users but it should be near to the price they are charging across the globe, which leads to end of the password sharing in India as well. According to the new reports, the platform will launch this feature at the start of March 2023 in countries including India. 


But the question is how the platform will identify those users who will use their friends account? The platform has previously answered this question as well. The platform will launch the new password sharing feature via IP addresses, device IDs and account activity and in this way, the platform can track the users who want to watch the content for free and without paying any charges. 


Netflix is devising new plans and ways to improve their subscribers base in which the password sharing restriction is the one. The other way is the introduction of ad-supported plans. The platform has launched a new and cheap plan for the users which cost $6.99 in the United States and support ads in between with a hope that it will attract those consumers who don’t want to pay more for the platform subscription. The platform offers 4 types of plans in India, with a price of Rs 149, Rs 199, Rs 499, and Rs 649.