Netflix Releases Ad-supported Subscription


Netflix Releases Ad-supported Subscription

Netflix Releases Ad-supported Subscription
Netflix – Photo by Thibault Penin

Netflix is the leading streaming platform around the world and users find interesting content there. Be it movies, shows, or documentaries; you will find a variety of entertainment content. Only six months ago, Netflix announced its Ads plan. This was decided after there a fall in subscribers was witnessed by the OTT platform.

Now, the company has introduced yet another subscription. It has joined hands with multiple agencies to showcase the top trending ads of the year. This subscription plan is especially for consumers who don’t want to pay for regular plans. The prior ad-free plans were available in three types; Basic, Standard, and Premium. The new ad-supported basic subscription pack will sit right with it.

The pre-existing premium plan costs ₹649 while the new one will be priced at ₹600. The only difference is that with this pack, the users will see some relevant ads in between their content. Prices of the basic and standard plans are ₹199 and ₹499, respectively.

The features of a basic ad-supported plan are –

  • Displays 4 to 5 minutes of ads every hour (average)
  • Cannot download the titles
  • HD (720p) resolution video
  • Supports a single device
  • Access to all the Netflix originals but has a limited worldwide catalogue

Ads that You Will See

Each ad showcased would be up to 30 seconds long, depending on the kind of ad content. This can be played during your shows or films or before it begins. Once the subscription model launches, this method will be used. But it can be revised later on, depending on the customer feedback.


In the USA, Netflix has collaborated with Neilsen to use its DAR (Digital Ad Ratings). The plan will begin on November 3 in the country. Following that, many other countries will observe these changes.