Netflix’s Profile Transfer Feature Won’t Let You Share Password


Know about the new Netflix’s profile transfer feature!


Netflix lovers, attention please! Netflix is ready with its new profile transfer feature that will not allow people from sharing passwords with others. Let us explore this before you get too anxious!


The Netflix users will be notified when their profile transfer feature will be available via the mail. The new feature profile transfer will help the users in transferring their data from Netflix. It. Password sharing which is one of the core issues faced by the popular networking application called Netflix.

Netflix Profile Transfer
Netflix Profile Transfer – Photo by Netflix

The application was facing a decrease in the subscription count for the same reason. People were extensively using passwords with each other, cutting their expenses but making Netflix suffer! The profile transfer will let people use their account to transfer a profile. 


They will be able to keep a personalised recommendation, viewing history, my list, saved games and other settings. The feature will be rolled out from the world this October


You will get an email if you are a Netflix member about the profile transfer. To transfer your profile on Netflix, you have to open the Netflix app and go to the transfer profile option. There you will hover over the profile icon in the drop down menu and simply follow the instructions.



Netflix has done so to increase their subscriptions and encourage the users from not sharing passwords. We all love Netflix and chill but when it comes to buying the subscription, we tend to get to our friends! Sharing passwords is not a bad thing but over sharing can disrupt profiles as well as cause a fall in Netflix subscriptions!


According to a report more than hundred million users are not paying the fees and just operating the application via sharing passwords. It is affecting business and hence this new feature is made. What are your thoughts on this? Comment now!