Now Message Yourself On WhatsApp With This New Update


Now Message Yourself On WhatsApp With This New Update


Ever thought about messaging yourself? As users, we always take notes, bookmark internet URLs, save attachments, make a to-do list, revisit a web link, set reminders, notes to check out later. For this, we install various kinds of apps such as slack, telegram, google tasks, pocket, etc. But we are not able to find a one-stop solution, with all these benefits.


Message yourself on WhatsApp
Message yourself on WhatsApp – Photo by WABetaInfo


WhatsApp is the solution? WhatsApp has been always working on incorporating new features into the existing platform based on user needs. It has been providing multi-device support and now with self-messaging, things will get far easier for users.


WhatsApp beta testers, with the new beta release of the application, accessibility to the ‘Message Yourself ‘feature will be available. With this feature, the chat option that will be available is labelled as “ME (YOU)”


Now, How this feature works?


By tapping on the FAB i.e. Floating Action Button, one gets a prompt to message a contact or a group, or a community. When we select the option of a new contact; the first contact that would be displayed will be ‘Me’.By selecting the ‘Me’ contact we can message ourselves various links, files, messages, etc.


Right now, this version is not available but will be available in a future update of the app. Presently also it is possible to self-message on WhatsApp. This can be done by using a Click to message link and even a WhatsApp group could be used in which one is a sole member. It doesn’t provide us with the intended features but still can be used as a workaround until an updated version of the app is not available with the new self-messaging feature.