Amazing OTT Releases This Week – June 2022


Amazing OTT Releases This Week – June 2022


Hello friends! So how are you guys? We hope you are doing well and trying to move forward in your life wherever you are. We welcome you in today’s post. Friends, in today’s post, we are going to know about OTT releases this week.

In today’s era, we are living, that is the era of the internet, where we used to go out even for our small work earlier. At the same time, in today’s time, we all do our work through mobile. Be it any work like watching movies or watching any drama show, an OTT-like platform has been created with increasing time to watch all these things at home.

In today’s post, before we tell about OTT releases this week the new movies, let us tell you what is OTT? Because there are some people like that too. Who does not even know what OTT is? How does OTT work?

What is OTT?

So let’s know about OTT, the full form of OTT is over-the-top. In OTT, if you want to watch media-related content such as any movie or web series, then you can watch it through OTT platforms. You just need to have an internet connection for this. OTT is a platform where you get a lot of content in one place.

There are many service provider applications of OTT. With the help of this, you can watch any content. There are many applications like Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix, etc., with the help of which you can easily watch any content.


If you use all these OTT applications, then let us tell you that if you use this app to watch movies. So for this first of all you need to subscribe to this app. You cannot watch any video content without its help. So now we hope that you must have come to know that what is OTT? So now moving forward we know how OTT works?


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OTT Releases This Week

Every new movie is going to be OTT releases this week and if you are interested in the movies released on the OTT platform then it is very important for you to know.

Which web series or movie is being released on which OTT releases this week. Which we can see and we will also know in which language this movie will be, where will this movie be from and as well as what is the story in this movie, we will give you some hints about it.



1. ZEE5 – OTT Releases This Week:

Ardh - OTT Releases This Week
Ardh – Photo by
Pal Music and Films


As we all know that ZEE5 is also an OTT platform, through this you can easily watch newly released movies. So let us tell you which movie is on ZEE5 OTT releases this week.


An Ardh new movie is going to on ZEE5 OTT releases this week in which we can get to see a new actress. Rajpal Yadav is also in this movie. It can be a drama and a family movie.

The second biggest web series release of ZEE5 is about to be released, named The Broken News. We can get to see this web series in all three languages Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. This is going to be a very banging web series. In this web series, we will be shown about the media, and what the media keeps doing. Some big actors are going to be seen in this.

2. VOOT – OTT Releases This Week:

Code M Season 2 - OTT Releases This Week
Code M Season 2 – Photo by Juggernaut Productions
& JioStudios


Friends, now we know which movies are going to be on VOOT OTT releases this week, what will be the content of those films? We know about all these.

Code M season 2 web series is going to be launched this week on VOOT. Which people are eagerly waiting for. This web series is going to be a big bang. You can also watch it in Hindi because it is a Hindi web series.


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We will talk about the second big web series which is cyber war. This web series is also being released on VOOT. This series is also going to be filled with a lot of drama and trickle. So that this can also prove to be a banging web series.

3. DISNEY+ HOTSTAR – OTT Releases This Week:

Twenty One Gms - OTT Releases This Week
Twenty One Gms – Photo by Rinish KN


So let’s know what is being released on Disney Plus Hotstar. So let us tell you that a Malayalam film is going to be released on Disney Plus Hotstar. Its name is TWENTY ONE GRAM and it is being released in Malayalam language only. Many South actors have also worked in this movie. It seems that this movie is going to be a bang movie.

4. AMAZON PRIME VIDEO – OTT Releases This Week:

Jayeshbhai Jordaar - OTT Releases This Week
Jayeshbhai Jordaar – Photo by Yash Raj Films


So let’s now move on to Amazon Prime Video, which new movie is going to be released this week on Amazon Prime. So let us tell you that the most powerful movie on Amazon Prime whose name is JAVESHBHAI JORDAR. This is a new movie made by Ranveer Singh. Which will be launched recently on Amazon Prime.

On the same we will talk about another new content which is going to be released on Amazon Prime this week it is a web series named THE BOYS SEASON 3. Let us tell you that KGF chapter 2 was released on this OTT platform only last week.

5. MX Player Free – OTT Releases This Week:

Aashram 3 - OTT Releases This Week
Aashram 3 – Photo by Prakash Jha Productions


As you all must know that MX player is a free OTT platform. This OTT releases this week have not done anything. But last week, on June 3, 2022, a web series was released, which people were waiting for a long time. His name is Aashram 3.



So, friends, we hope that you must have liked this post because we have given you complete information about OTT in today’s post. What is OTT?, which are the latest released movies on OTT releases this week, and on which platform which type of movie is going to be released. We have given you complete information about all these.

So, friends, you can bookmark our blog to get such latest update of OTT releases this week, thank you till then!