Production Cuts Reported For iPhone 14 Plus- Here Is All We Know


Production cuts reported for iPhone 14 Plus- Here is all we know


Attention people! If you are one of those who have pre-ordered the iPhone 14 plus and are eagerly waiting for its delivery, it is likely to be delayed.

Production cuts reported for iPhone 14 Plus
Production cuts reported for iPhone 14 Plus – Photo by Apple

It only has been two weeks since Apple released the new iPhone and Apple is already cutting its production. The Apple 14 plus is reported to be cut in production, the Apple insider confirmed.


One of the manufacturers of the latest iPhone in China was asked to stop the making of the new iPhone 14 plus components. The procurement team is searching to re-evaluate the demand for the iPhone 14 plus.


The production is said to be cut down from 90 to 70% from the two most downstream suppliers in China that assemble larger parts in the modules. The production to increase iPhone 14 pro has increased along with the iPhone 14 pro max parts but not iPhone 14 plus.


These all reports are given by different Apple sources and one of them was also seen stating that despite the changes in the production orders, iPhone 15 is also going to have a plus model in 2023. All we can say is Apple has new ways to market their products!



The supply chain of the company is large and complex and may not reflect the bigger picture. We still cannot decide which information is true and which is false. Be it the production house to assemble the products, or other sub-manufacturers like the camera assemblers, or other larger components suppliers, Apple‘s supply chain is complex.


We all know iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 pro max encompass the dynamic island feature that was loved and appreciated by the audience. The other iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 plus model was similar to the previous instalment. It might be a new market tactic or it might be possible that Apple is changing its ways!


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