Smartphones Over ₹10,000 to Support 5G Services


Smartphones Over ₹10,000 to Support 5G Services

According to an official statement released by ANI, there are over 750 million mobile phone users in India. As technology is advancing, the government is implementing several steps to bring that advancement to every Indian. One such step is converting every smartphone service into 5G which costs more than ₹10,000.

Smartphones – Photo by APN LIVE

Meeting Agenda

As per the meeting that was conducted last Wednesday, the smartphone industry met with senior government officials and came up with a promise. They assured that rapid steps would be taken to stop producing 4G mobile phones (costing over 10k) and switch to the 5G service. Representatives from leading mobile phone manufacturers, including Samsung and Apple came together to discuss how these steps can be implemented as quickly as possible.

The discussion also included a topic about how to make smartphones 5G service-ready as soon as possible. It also included the involvement of manufacturers and service providers in the release of FOTA software updates.

In the meeting, the present parties discussed giving top priority to the software update. This will help in the earliest release of 5G services on every smartphone.


Current Statistics

From the long list of 750 million users, there are approximately 350 million subscribers who use 3G to 4G compatible devices. 100 million subscribers have 5G-compatible mobile phones but smartphone companies haven’t offered the service yet. The smartphone companies told the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Department of Telecommunications that they would progressively put a stop to manufacturing 4G compatible devices that are over ₹10,000.

Steps to be Implemented

The smartphone manufacturers will identify the problems that the 5G users are facing. After that, it will implement the new updates in its mobile phones at the earliest.

Learn more about this new implementation proposal here. Stay tuned for more updates!