Spotify Launching New Features Known as Hi-Fi Streaming System


Spotify Launching New Features Known as Hi-Fi Streaming System

Spotify – Photo by Thibault Penin

We all love Spotify and exploring the new trends in the music industry. With the explosion in the market, Spotify is one of the most valuable and loved applications. Good news for all the music lovers, the application is already to launch its new feature.


To talk about its new feature , It’s ready to launch the hi-fi streaming system. The hi-fi streaming plan was promised a year ago and many people were already waiting in queue to explore the application.


Although a premium plan, Spotify has always been promising to its users. You can get the premium plan for $19 dollars only. The users‘ prescription was cancelled due to the survey conducted in comparison to Apple Music.


Only the selected markets will get to unleash the benefits of Spotify and enjoy the hi-fi streaming. Hi-fi stands for high fidelity for those who didn’t know about it! If you know about loseless music, this is the upgraded feature for you. Just like the Apple music has an incomparable audio, Spotify users will also enjoy the same benefits.


The platinum plan is estimated to be around $20, most of the users are not happy with the same but for good quality comes a good price tag. 



Many people commented their regrets of buying the platinum plan but if you truly understand music, you will know why Spotify has charged a higher rate. People are choosing AM over the hi-fi audios. But the special part about Spotify is its additional services and benefits like Library Pro, audio insights, playlist pro, headphone tuning, and studio sound.


With more than 400 million users monthly, Spotify is one of the most used music applications. We understand that the cost might have affected sales but the quality has improved over time and one cannot deny the comprehensive range of music available on Spotify.