These iPhones are going off the market, check out!


We all love Apple! From its iPhones to laptops people are crazy over their products. The manufacturer has discontinued some of the Apple products and marked them as vintage and obsolete. Here are some products that will go obsolete.

iPhone – Photo by Apple

Apple is known for its latest technology and high-quality specifications and features. And thanks to technology everything becomes old! This is where Apple introduced its obsolete group- where the products get discontinued. 


The obsolete products of Apple are the ones that have not been sold for over seven years. The product iPhone 5c is one of the obsolete products coming next month. As it will be off the market the device will not be able to get any repair or service from Apple. The memo has been sent across and it shall get implemented by next month.


Apart from the iPhone the third generation iPad mini is also getting obsolete. To talk about the vintage products, they are those that Apple stopped selling over five years ago but still not eligible for obsolete. You can still repair the vintage devices and get the hardware from the Apple support centre.