Thinking Of Buying The New iPhone 14? Here Is All You Need To Know!

On September 7, Apple announced the release of its new iPhone 14 series including iPhone 14, iPhone 14+, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 pro max.

Being Apple lovers, many people want to explore the new iPhone and are eager to buy it! 

iPhone 14 is said to be one of the biggest upgrades in the iPhone series with improvised performance, camera systems, and design. Dynamic Island was unveiled by Apple giving it an exclusive pro feature. 

Although the new iPhone is not different from iPhone 13, it comes with a better processor and features. 

In this blog, we will go through some of the reasons why you should buy the new iPhone!

iPhone 14 pro max
iPhone 14 pro max – Provide By Apple

iPhone 13 pro versus iPhone 14 pro

Both the iPhone pro series from Apple give almost same specifications and features. But the upgrade surely has something unique in the store for users.

If you’re an iOS lover, this information is for you- with features like Dynamic Island and A16 Bionic chip you’ll surely be satisfied with the upgrade.

Apple never disappoints- at least that’s what the iPhone 14 pro promises. With improved sensory functions, we are sure you’ll be thrilled.

The sensors are strong, with an ‘eye watch’ feature. Just look at your phone, it will wake. Improved features include XDR display with 1600 nits peak. 

The true-depth camera features enable you to explore the photo features like never before. iPhone 14 pro has an adaptive True Tone flash for better lightning options. 

You can also explore the cinematic experience with the iPhone 14 pro series. It has shallow depth of field with approximately 4K HDR (up to 40 fps). 

The new iPhone pro series also offers a photogenic engine and emergency SOS via satellite. 

  • Better processor 

With the Bionic A16 processor, the new iPhone 14 pro not only offers the best performance but also gives a compelling quality of photos and videos. 

The pro series has a unique processor making it the next big thing in the phone industry. As we know, iPhone 13 pro used an A15 bionic processor, the A16 is expected to outperform the same. The iPhone pro 14 supports Bluetooth 5.3 with second- hand generation senor- shift. 

  • Spectacular camera upgrades 

If reports are to be believed, the iPhone 14 pro is expected to give 2 to 3 times better image qualities than the 13 pro series. It has a new feature called PHOTONIC ENGINE- enabling the iPhone to be more visible in darker and brighter areas. 

To talk about the main camera, 14 pro now offers 48 megapixels (main). Large your photos, crop comfortably and edit all you want without compromising the image quality. 

iPhone 14 pro also has a new 2x zoom with a sensor redesigned to capture more light, and give better image quality. If you are a fan of ProRAW, this iPhone 14 Pro is for you! Take 48-megapixel photos (uncompressed) and capture more details with minimal noise. 

There is also a new video feature called Action Mode that helps to capture better videos for activities like running.

  • Dynamic Island 

For those of you unfamiliar with Dynamic Island, it is a small, pill-shaped cutout that doubles camera and sensor functions. You may get notifications like timer‘s progress, music album art and navigation prompts with easy secondary displays. 

It can also expand information virtually with the help of the software and control multimedia and calls like a pro! 

With the Dynamic Island feature you’ll be surprised with the best (note- this feature is exclusive to iPhone 14 pro ).

  • Always- On feature

The new feature times your phone when locked but you will be able to see basic information like time and other widgets. It is a new convenient and hands-free way to interact with your iPhone. You no need to tap your phone or screen to wake it but simply look at your iPhone.

A mere look on the iPhone will wake it- a feature unique to Apple this year.

  • Promising battery life

With exclusive features, you can also enjoy a better battery life in the new iPhone 14+ and an iPhone 14 pro max. They can play up to 26-29 hours of videos and streaming rate up to 20 hours! 

To Conclude

Apple is an asset and a luxury that people enjoy. With its latest technology, it is undoubtedly the best phone brand in the market.

The latest iPhone 14 series are available in silver, space black, gold, and deep purple- so you’ll be sorted with the comprehensive color range! They’re interactive and offers a next level user-friendly experience. 

iPhone 14 series comply with the same promise of giving the best than the rest! You can also explore the phone features at the nearest Apple stores.