Truecaller Benefits and Disadvantages

Truecaller currently has 348 million users and out of these, 246 million users are from India only. Truecaller aims to reach 500 million users by 2026. But is this Truecaller beneficial or harmful?

Most people do not know much about Truecaller benefits and disadvantages. Apart from this, there are some questions related to Truecaller about which people know very little. So if you do not know much about Truecaller then this post can help you a lot. Let us try to give you as much information as possible about Truecaller in this post.

Benefits of Truecaller

Benefits of Truecaller
Benefits of Truecaller – Photo by Truecaller

What is the benefit of Truecaller due to which people use it even though they know that it can cause any kind of problem with their data. Let us tell you the benefits of Truecaller.

Identify Incoming Call

The first advantage of Truecaller is that incoming calls can be identified in it and it is because of this advantage that people mostly use Truecaller.

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If Truecaller is installed and activated in your mobile phone, then whenever you get a call from an unknown number in your mobile phone, you will start seeing its name and at the same time you can also see the profile picture if it is in the database of Truecaller.

Its help to know spam calls

Many people are troubled by spam calls. On an average, a person receives 2 or more spam calls every day. It is also difficult to detect spam calls, but Truecaller has one advantage that any spam call can be detected easily through it.

Whenever you receive a call from any spam number on your mobile phone, you will start seeing a spam notification through Truecaller. After this you can disconnect the call coming from that number and also block it.

Availability Status

There is an option of “Availability Status” in Truecaller using which you can set when you are free and when you are busy. 

So according to this, your relatives and friends can call you during your free time and no one will be able to call you during busy time. Apart from this, for some people you can also turn on the option to call at busy time. So this is considered a very good benefit of Truecaller.

SMS Filtering

Apart from spam calls, there are also spam SMS, which contain many unwanted links and fill the inbox. Truecaller also helps in avoiding such SMS. So this is the next benefit of Truecaller.

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Let us also tell you that many SMS come from banks and other institutions, about which no one is able to understand whether it is from the bank or not. Truecaller also helps in filtering messages received from banks.

Many Language Support

Initially, Truecaller supported only the English language, but now Truecaller is available in many languages. Due to which many new users are able to join Truecaller, so this is also an advantage of Truecaller. Even if you know any other language other than English, you can use Truecaller in your regional language.

Know how see you

If you buy the premium plan of Truecaller, then you can easily know about the number of people who will see your number on Truecaller. If you run a business then this feature can be beneficial for you. Apart from this, this feature proves beneficial in many conditions.

Integrated Dialer

If you use an Android phone and you do not want to use the default dialer present in your Android phone or you have Google Dialer in your phone and you want to use some other dialer.

So in Truecaller you will get Truecaller’s Integrated Dialer. With this dialer you can do all the work which you would not be able to do with your default dialer, so this is also a benefit of Truecaller.

Disadvantages of Truecaller

Disadvantages of Truecaller
Disadvantages of Truecaller – Photo by Truecaller

Let us now tell you about the disadvantages of Truecaller so that whenever you use Truecaller, you should think carefully.

Personal Data Issue

 The first and foremost disadvantage of Truecaller is that it keeps the user’s personal data on its server. Their database is also not encrypted, which means if the data of their database is leaked then a lot of user information can go to spammers. Apart from this, many users also claim that Truecaller steals many types of data from their mobile phones like location, contact details, etc.


Whatever data Truecaller shows about a mobile number such as name or profile picture is not correct at all. There are many such numbers regarding which the name shown or the profile picture shown is wrong. So this trucker has a disadvantage.

Issue in Battery and Performance

When Truecaller is on your phone, it keeps running in the background, due to which the mobile’s battery and its resources are used. So many users claim that when they use Truecaller in their mobile phones, their battery starts draining faster than the normal level. Along with this his phone also starts hanging. When a call comes, more resources are used on the phone.

Worthless Premium Plan

If you are thinking that you should buy the premium version of Truecaller so that you will get many benefits, then you are absolutely wrong. The benefits or options that the user gets in the free version of Truecaller are slightly more than those available in the premium version. 

So if you buy the premium version of Truecaller then you waste your money. Truecaller should provide some such feature to the user in the premium version so that the user can benefit from it. So this is also a disadvantage of Truecaller.

Final thought

Final thought on Truecaller
Final thought on Truecaller – Photo by Canva

In this post, we have told the advantages and disadvantages of Truecaller, although the use of Truecaller is not so bad, if it is used properly. Let us tell you that you should use Truecaller only when you really need it, otherwise you should avoid using it. You should also know that apart from Truecaller, you should also avoid using any other similar app. That app can also steal your personal data.

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