Twitter Allows User To Control Who Can Tag Them In Tweets


Twitter Allows User To Control Who Can Tag Them In Tweets


New feature alarm! The all-time favourite social networking website, Twitter is all ready to launch its ability to control tagging on tweets. If you are done with bullies and harassment, this new feature is for you. Although a predicted feature, we are expecting Twitter to launch this new feature on an as soon as possible basis!

Twitter – Photo by Twitter

The social networking website is still working on its new advancement. It will not only allow the users to control tagging and name mentioning but also handle the posts you want to and not want to see. It will not allow anyone to tag or mention your Twitter name on their post until you allow it.


We all know celebrities are often targeted and victimised on some basic bully messages and tweets. This feature plays as a security feature, allowing many to control their privacy and keeping their social life safe. 


If you are also worried about being preyed on by online bullies and hackers, this is definitely a treat to you. It was only Jane Manchun Wong who spotted this feature notifying how Twitter is working on mentioning controls on the application. Later the designer confirmed the same. It will also let you Control not just public users but also people you follow (for mentions).


We cannot wait for this new feature on Twitter. In August Twitter Circle was launched to help people get flexibility on choosing whom they want to see you are engaged. It was the content on a tweet by tweet basis making it easier to have intimate conversations from your respective followers. It also helps to build closer connections with a few of the selected followers.



Twitter is working comprehensively to make the platform more safe and sound to its users. As many of the celebrities and famous entrepreneurs are on the social media platform. We cannot wait for the new feature to go live. Let’s wait until it is.