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Use Same WhatsApp Account On Two Different Smartphones


Use Same WhatsApp Account On Two Different Smartphones


Waiting for the time when you can use your WhatsApp on more than one device? Then your wait is finally over! WhatsApp has become an essential part of our lives in contemporary times. We cannot imagine our single day without it.


WhatsApp allows its users to login into a device at a time, you cannot operate your account in more than one electronic gadget. The App is featuring itself with a ‘companion mode’ feature which will enable its users to operate their account as per their will. 


As per the information available on the WABetaInfo, website, a website that keeps regular checks on the upcoming features of WhatsApp, the ‘companion mode’ feature has been rolled out to some beta testers. WhatsApp will provide users with the ‘Link Device’ option that will enable them to link their account to another smartphone, tablet, and PC. 


According to the report, after you link your device with another device, your chat history, calls, and documents will automatically sync to that device. And you’ll be able to reply to messages, share documents and make calls. With this, now a beta tester can link up to 4 devices – two smartphones, one desktop, and a tablet with one WhatsApp account. 


India contributes almost 500 million users to WhatsApp. Once all the users have access to the feature post-testing, it will certainly make people’s life easy. This feature will be a great relief to users who are seeking to avail of this opportunity, and who have to carry more than one electric gadget to work. This will also eliminate the need to have an additional number just for using WhatsApp on two separate smartphones. 



WhatsApp has also increased the capacity of several participants in a group to 1024 and has rolled out a WhatsApp community feature around the globe. The community feature allows the users to form a ‘group of groups. On a maximum count, a community can have 12 groups.