Amazon just started the latest “Android Days” , a commercial off holiday on everyone’s calendars.

Image Credit : Christian Wiediger

By the name it is quite obvious that users are gonna get some amazing discounts on android phones.

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So to get this offer users need not to be a PRIME MEMBER, as it is available for everyone.

Image Credit : Marques Thomas

Like the OnePlus Nord N20 5G has dropped to $259 from $299.

Image Credit : OnePlus

Samsung Galaxy S22 is available for $649. The previous price was $799.

Image Credit : Samsung

Google Pixel 6A is available at $370.

Image Credit :  Google Pixel

OnePlus 10 Pro is at $779.99

Image Credit :  OnePlus

Google Pixel 6 Pro is available at $615.99

Image Credit :  Google Pixel

This Android Days will go for 48 hours straight. So you all will have plenty of time to shop.

Image Credit :  Daniel Romero