Did you know that Google Maps can now tune its eco-friendly navigation?

Image Credit : Tamas Tuzes-Katai

Google Maps eco-friendly navigation technology has been launched in many European countries.

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The eco-friendly navigation technology is so powerful that you will get all the details of the location in it.

Image Credit : CardMapr.nl

Google Maps eco-friendly navigation technology has just been launched especially for gas and diesel stations.

Image Credit : Tom Morbey

Google Maps eco-friendly navigation technology may also come to India in the coming few months.

Image Credit : Antonio Grosz

You can use eco-friendly navigation technology in your Google Maps app only.

Image Credit : William Hook

To use eco-friendly navigation technology, you have to select your vehicle engine type, after that you will get the best route.

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Eco-friendly means fuel efficient according to Google.

Image Credit : Mika Baumeister

In this technology, you will get such routes in which you will not have to spend much fuel.

Image Credit : CardMapr.nl