After waiting so long, Halo players can now play Halo Infinite’s campaign in the game’s new beta version.

Today Halo officials announced the beta launch of the game and said players can squad up to take on the Banished together on Zeta Halo.

The beta version of the game includes an ever wanted update that is “Mission Replay”.

In Halo Infinite, when you complete the mission you can not return to skull hunting later.

In the beta version, you will get a feature in which you can replay the completed mission’s map.

Playing beta is not gonna be easy at all. Players have to download a special campaign build and start from there.

Whatever you play in the beta version, you can not transfer it to the full retail version of the game.

The company said the beta version is available to test on August 1, 2022 at 10 a.m. PT.