Has Amazon.com really made an offer to buy Electronic Arts Inc.? Find out now.

Image Credit : Yender Gonzalez

Rumors have been spreading this Friday morning that Amazon is all set to buy Gaming company called Electronic Arts Inc.

Image Credit : Electronic Arts Inc.

But the truth is Amazon is not buying any gaming company.

Image Credit : Abbe Sublett

This fake news has been spread by Swedish gaming company “GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN”

Image Credit : Becca Tapert

Later this news was circulated by CNBC.

Image Credit : CNBC

Because of this rumor, the price of EA stock jumped by 15%.

Image Credit : Yiorgos Ntrahas

CNBC’s journalist David Faber, later confirmed that this news is fake and it is based on false speculation.

Image Credit : CNBC

Currently the price of EA share is $133.90

Image Credit : Joshua Mayo

Also EA shares were actually trading at 6.57% higher premarket on Friday, which was around $136.23

Image Credit : Adam Nowak